Use Social Media Marketing to Do the Trick on Halloween


Halloween is celebrated in America, UK, Canada, and such other countries with great pomp and excitement. E-commerce sites try to increase their sales and profits to a great extent by promoting Halloween stuffs online on various social media sites.


The countdown to Halloween has begun! Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31 to remember the dead, the holy souls, martyrs in a joyful and spooky manner. This year I have decided to do something really exciting – I have already begun transforming my lawn into a graveyard by placing cardboard coffins with ghost hands coming out and erecting foam tombstones and glowing jack-o’-lantern to give that special creepy effect.

I got the idea of constructing foam tombstones from an e-commerce site. Really, I was amazed to see their stock of things for the Halloween to let everyone shop to their heart’s content. They have expensive items such as life size mummies, creepy willow trees, gold plated costumes etc. along with inexpensive stuffs such as boo bottles, spirit jars, and so on. Many of the sites (as in my case) have these homemade decoration tips with a step by step image.

halloween social media marketing
Since online marketing has become so famous; we hardly think of going to a ‘brick and mortar’ store to shop. I get everything I need on a regular basis from these online stores as well as the things I need to make an event a memorable one. These e-commerce sites are experts in luring a large number of shoppers through a range of promotional sprees. Apart from having a well designed website, the businesses try to create a hype on social media. Both in case of all online as well as ‘brick and mortar’ businesses, social media marketing have become an integrated aspect of digital promotional strategy. The businesses make their social media profile pages attractive with a great choice of color and font type for an easy read. Special discounts are given on various Halloween products for capturing the attention of maximum users looking to buy something online. Facebook, Twitter has the maximum number of active users throughout the world and promoting your company products on FB or Twitter means millions of people will instantly get to see and learn about your products.
halloween online promotion
These online stores sell a lot of things related to Halloween such as food stuffs including haunted forest cakes, caramel dip, caramel corns, spooky candies, pumpkin face cookies, graveyard cakes, etc. These e-commerce websites also sell decorative items such as witch hangers, paper pumpkin lanterns, plastic cob webs, hanging skeletons, bat or vampire paper garland, etc. Through social media marketing, different companies selling such Halloween related stuffs can increase their sales and ROI in real-time.