Ways Online Brands Can Cash In On Valentine's Day

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It’s that time of the year again…

Gone are the days when brick- and- mortar jewelers, florists, gift sellers, chocolatiers used to hold a monopoly on Feb 14. Things have changed a lot. Now, inboxes get flooded with special offers ranging from roses, soft toys, cushions, chocolates and jewelries. With the introduction of online shopping, all the e-commerce sites, flash sites, brand clothing retailers etc are cashing in on Valentine’s Day. They are throwing special offers and smart deals so that shoppers can make the most out of e-commerce sites for V-day purchase at the homey comfort.

To give you a clear picture, Wal-Mart has already segmented its best deals for the V-day. Shop Clues, FlipKart, Amazon, Myntra have set up their V-day shop, while others have splashed their homepage with red colors and romantic images. So, what have you decided this love season to ensure that your online revenues see the same spike? Have you thought of going beyond the unsatisfying fling to develop a real relationship or something else?

What It Takes To Make Your Website A Keeper?

1. Set the right mood: Make sure as an online retailer you get in the right mood. As a business owner, your aim would be to make your visitors know that you are in romantic mood. Your offers, deals and promotions should reflect the V-day spirit. Make sure your visitors (existing and new) are able to understand that you are in a true romantic spirit. Your offers, promotions should not only attract the existing customers you already knew but also the fresh visitors.

2. Guaranteed delivery: For most shoppers, V-day shopping means last minute shopping. Your customers need to be reassured that their loved ones don’t go empty handed. So, it is important to clearly mention the guaranteed delivery commitment. The approach can instill confidence and make them feel that they are in safe hands.

3. Discounts on Delivery: Promotions, reduced or free delivery always work wonders. So it’s better if you throw some delivery discounts. To add more, declaration of Free shipping also make a whole lot difference in driving maximum shoppers since it curtails the exorbitant shipping surprises.

4. Authentic reviews: Product reviews are very important. Prior to buying a product, consumers want to know whether they are getting quality products or not. So, here an authentic review from the right buyer means a lot.

5. Make it Custom: With lots of shoppers shifting from physical shop to online arena, it is important to let your customers know about who is actually going to be responsible for the delivery and packaging. Let customers know whether the delivery is being done from nearby or distant places.

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