Website Design – Popular Myths You Must Avoid

mythA neat and clean web page layout is the key to making a business website pop. At least, I have learnt this from knowledge and experience. When I began my career in website designing, I was baffled by the myths rampant in the industry. However, with time and reading up books, blogs and tutorials, it helped me differentiate between good and poor design.

In this post, aspiring designers will be enlightened about the fallacies that must be evaded to produce quality design.

Images are Damaging for Your Site

Wrong! Whoever says so. On the contrary, high resolution visuals spice up the pages even better provided a balance is maintained in terms of the text-to-image ratio. Else, the site will take several minutes to load making visitors click away. The ground rule is keeping the size of the pages limited to 30 KB, which includes photos and HTML. Even, if the visuals are large, you can always edit the size using photo editing tools.

Use of Multiple Colorsmultiple colors

The web pages should not end up looking like a multi-colored rainbow! Forget about pleasing visitors, it will hurt their eyes with the splash of colors irking them to click on other websites. For effective results, implement a suitable color scheme of not more than 2-3 shades.

Content is Insignificant!

contentThis is the greatest misconception, and you must pay no heed to it if really serious about website design. ‘Content is King’, and you should adhere to this adage religiously. What to look for when browsing the internet? Definitely, it’s quality and relevant information that’s useful for end users. And, information should be updated on a regular basis because stale content is like no content at all.

Flash is Mandatory to Make Sites ClickFlash

Though Flash makes pages look appealing with animated visuals, flying texts, moving images, and impressive graphics, it’s not ideal for search engine spiders. You can make your site more appealing with HTML5 than Flash-based portals. Google spiders find HTML5 easy to crawl and index.

Avoid these misconceptions when designing a website next time.