What is a Responsive Website And Why You Need It

A website that you can open from all devices that supports internet usage with minimum scrolling is called a Responsive website.
SBR Technologies Responsive Web Design
I’m not sure if you have heard about Liquid/Fluid Websites and Adaptive Websites, but these also have almost a similar definition however, they are not at all a synonym of one another. They have some basic differences which we will explain in our next blog article.


Why you need a Responsive website?
Martin Cooper as photographed in 2007 Martin Cooper photographed in 2007 with his 1973 handheld mobile phone prototype
On 3 April 1973 when Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment, placing a call to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs– Wikipedia Wikipedia_logo_silver
Ever since then the use of mobile phones has been increasing. And today it is one of the essential items that we keep with us at home, on road and even inside washrooms. It is a part of our life because of its extensive useful features, which is increasing with time. Now, you can also access Internet through this device and that made us think of creating responsive websites. People are spending more time on mobile internet than on traditional desktop internet.


One of the standout findings in the report is that US adults spent on average 34 hours per month using the mobile internet on smartphones. By comparison, they spend 27 hours on the PC internet.” – MarketingLand-Logo-A-560x292-300x156 on February 11, 2014


How Mobile Internet Users Are Increasing?
The Growth Of Mobile Internet Users Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015 – Mashable
Therefore, we are sure you are losing numerous potential visitors if you do not have a mobile friendly website. Below we have shared few examples of responsive websites, which have been developed by SBR Technologies.

TastefullyDoneMarinade Responsive Website Built By SBR Technologies TastefullyDoneMarinade.com – Developed By SBR Technologies

ServiceMax Responsive WebDesign By SBR TechnologiesServiceMax.com Responsive Website Designed By SBR Technologies
KatiaJaffal Mobile Friendly Website Designed By SBR Technologies KatiaJaffal.com Mobile Friendly Website Designed By SBR Technologies