Why Infographics are in Vogue Now?

With information overload on the web, infographics are smartly grabbing audience attention quickly. It makes complex data easy to understand. Colors, graphics and shapes appeal to users more than drab text.

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Over the last few years, visually-rich infographics have found their place on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and of late, Pinterest. Studies show people are searching for the word, ‘infographics’ more often that they used to do some years back. Now, the question arises why? Well, data represented in the form of limited text, visuals, and graphics makes difficult or complicated data easily comprehensible by users. In simple words, complex information is easily and quickly delivered to your targeted audience.
An effective information graphic is one that grabs your customer’s attention instantly, and educates them about what your brand or product message without beating about the bush. In this post, we will talk about why such visually-appealing data is being implemented by brands to promote their products or services.
Overload of Information
With the market inundated with technological gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, the significance of the Internet in our lives cannot be belittled. In simple words, the world wide web is omnipresent. Users are reading, sharing, and analyzing loads of information all the time. This has resulted in the need for the creation out of content, articles, and posts to cater to readers’ needs. Then, this has its pitfalls. In the midst of such data overload, it has become necessary to stand out in the crowd and grab audience attention. Therefore, creating a colorful, yet informative and engaging visual representation that is easy to understand will make your brand stick out amongst so much noise on the web.
Limited Attention Span
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The pressure of modern corporate life has resulted in limited attention span. This is the reason we look for instant messaging, instant noodles, and instant coffee! We are living in an age where information is passed at lightning speed. People visit a website and leave the page with a few seconds. This means you have to pass the information to your visitors within those few seconds. With too little time to persuade your audience, visuals and graphics are more effective in grabbing their attention than huge chunks of text.
Makes Complex Info Easy to Understand
Humans have a natural affinity towards visuals. We are also good at interpreting visual data quickly than black and white text. This means the message you are trying to communicate to your targeted group via infographics will be well received and understood. It is important to remember that people learn 83 percent of things visually.
Visually-Rich Info is Shared More

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Internet users like to share visual content on social media sites more than lengthy articles. That’s because images register in people’s mind faster than text. For example, if you are explaining the benefits of your anti-aging creams to your female audience, they would like visual representations of the benefits more than reading a lengthy post. The incorporation of colors, shapes, contrast, and smart graphics are shared and remembered more on social sites. This way, useful information is easily digested.
Infographics make your customers smile and appeal to their inquisitiveness. Do you have more interesting facts to share? We would love to hear your comments, whatever it is…