Will Micro Apps become the trend in 2019?

The answer is definitely a big and resounding YES.

With more than 2 million apps on App store and Google play store, it appears that the stores are congested, overloaded and overcrowded. It also makes sense to mention here, every one of us on an average installs around 40 apps on our mobiles. The interesting part is,we don’t use all of them. A research done by the AppsFlyer clearly reveals – most of the apps are not retained for a whole day.

So, where is the gap? Why do people uninstall apps so frequently? Where is the gap?What actually cause users to delete mobile apps, which they take the pain of installing on their devices?

The most common mistake, which businesses make when developing mobile app has a direct connection with their over-enthusiasm in building all-rounder apps! Most of the mobile apps stand as the smaller versions of either their websites, online services or desktop app. Yes, most of the apps are designed to perform more or less the same functions like their larger counterparts. This is exactly where the concept of MICRO APPS comes in.

So, what are the Micro apps?

In lay language, micro-app is applications which is designed and build to perform any particular type of task. To be more precise, these are theconsumer-oriented application that are designed to deliver any kind of targeted functionality. Yes, you’ve guessed it right; facebook messenger, Snapchat, weather forecast apps are all Micro apps.

Believe it or not; the micro apps carry immense impact. Ranging from employees to customers, from startups to giant enterprises, yes micro apps cater them all. Micro apps are the future of te modern enterprise.

So, the concept of micro-apps looks pretty much interesting right? Still, the logical question remains unanswered – what you must look for in a micro-app? Think it from a very logical standpoint – if organizations want employees to use a particular type of enterprise app, they need to provide them with the incentives in terms of –
Easy access– Yes, 9 out of 10 ends up leaving and abandoning the enterprise app due to their slow and difficult accesses. Yes, getting in and getting out needs to be quick, easy and user-friendly, failing which the app may end up at the trash.

Tailored interface for the employees –

Yet another mistake that businesses often make is creating an ‘one size all’ software for all employees, with varying job needs and job types. On the other hand; micro apps can be tailored for a specific workflow, for a specific device or for a specific mobile environment.

Ability to meet employees wherever they are – the Modern workforce is dynamic! It is absolutely possible for an employee to use a smartphone at one instance and shift to a laptop within minutes. This is where Micro apps stand as a beneficial option to ponder on as they run on all devices, including phones and computers. They can even run through such as Skype.

For businesses that want to remain responsive, flexible and nimble Micro Apps remain as a cost-effective and intelligent IT solution.

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