Will Social Media Be A Game Changer This 2014 General Election

It’s absolutely strange the way general elections take place in India. Once in every 5 years we get the chance to exercise our fundamental rights. Ballot Box speaks the final words! Frankly speaking, the entire nation now is in the clutch of Election Fever. It is that time, when Politician’s turn out to be expert marketers, several Party organizations play the role of PROs and surprisingly not a single marketing platform is left unattended.

With electronic media and mediums nurturing about the General Election 2014, with Congress initiating some emancipating measures and BJP working overnight and most importantly with whole nation just eager to see the change, marketers seem much in demand. The effective and powerful medium that emerges out this time especially for politicians is SOCIAL MEDIA!

Surprisingly, the Facebook cover image of NaMO India proudly declares “World’s Fastest growing Fan Page”. (Guess all the fans are organic) The content being posted there is anti-congress. Let’s check out the profile page and fan following of other heavy weight politicians.

Narendra Modi : https://www.facebook.com/narendramodi with 10m Likes (*numbers likely to increase..) and 978, 595 people ( *likely to increase) talking about him with average engagement rate of : 9.05%

Rahul Gandhi : https://www.facebook.com/rahulgandhiwith 346100 Likes (*numbers likely to increase..) and 10, 903 people( *likely to increase) talking about him with average engagement rate of : 2.74%

Arvind Kejriwal : https://www.facebook.com/AAPkaArvind with 4.2m Total Page Likes(*numbers likely to increase..) and 267,599 people ( *likely to increase) talking about him with average engagement rate of : 11.27%

Mamata Banerjee: https://www.facebook.com/MamataBanerjeeOfficial Bengal’s firebrand Politician/ CM of Bengal, Mamta Bannerjee freely uses social media to express her views and opinions. Her profile page is having 593k likes (*likely to increase) and 53,015 people (*likely to increase) talking about her.

I personally believe that there are 3 reasons where social media could play a vital role this 2014 General Election:

– Influence: If social media can tempt us in buying houses, automobiles, gizmos/gadgets etc, it can obviously play a vital role in choosing leaders as well.

– Encourage Conversations: Social media platforms can go the extra mile in creating conversations and maximum interactions.

– Creates loyalty: If politicians appear tech-savvy, then more and more apps would be created which would help in getting more updates, events, news etc. Hence it gives the message of “Staying connected”!