Writer's block? Here are few tactics


Honestly, at some point of time in life we all experience this – Yes, I am talking about the writer’s block. You simply open a blank word document with your ‘hypergraphia’ brimming high, with every good intention of starting the article, and then it happens. Yes, the email starts streaming in, the phone starts ringing or simply your friend drops in!

And then you simply sit there, mulling how worthless you are, perhaps wondering why at all you ever went to college, and detesting the very act of writing, which has blocked, thwarted and confused your writer’s instinct. Trust me on this; a writer has to simply let that go. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just forget judgment.

Here are a few tactics

Stay offline: If constant interruptions are keeping you from writing, it is better to minimize these. Log out of the chat, put your cell on silent mode and try to avoid all possible distractions.

Take a break: Physical exercise is very important for mental activity. And if nothing seems to happen on the computer screen or paper, simply take a break. Hit the tennis court, walk on your treadmill, or hit the gym, but carry your notebook with you. You never know, jogging can simply jog something loose in your mind!

Take writing as a regular task not as an art: The prolific writer- Stephen King once said – if we think ourselves as the laborers it becomes much easier to sit down and write! Honestly, at the day’s end we are just creating things – poems, stories, articles. The only difference is we use grammar and vocabulary instead of brick and mortar. Here is a quick tip – put your critical brain off and it will help you to beat your block!

Set deadlines and try keeping it: Yes it helps. If possible find a writing partner and hold each other to deadlines in an encouraging way.

Break it up: If possible, break the writing task into smaller, more manageable tasks. Set your own goal to complete your research in one day and the next day you can finish the outline. Take another day to break the writing tasks down based on the outline.

Be wary of your own dilly – dally tactics: Ask yourself, are you tending to procrastinate or is it that you are really busy! Are you really busy or are you simply putting it off? It is important to get answers to all these questions.

To be honest, the sheer thought of ‘writers block’ brings in dread, discomfort and distress. In fact, many of us also get stuck when we finally hit that wall, not sure how to break through the block!  Address your inner writer’s instinct and simply go ahead and write drivel at first. Take it in writing, out of your claptrap, garbage and ramblings, something good will emerge. Sure, some idea will spark, some pattern will appear. Doesn’t really matter how many times you exercise the delete key or how much you fill your waste paper basket with paper, believe in yourself that something will emerge of all these scribbling. YES, it will!