Yahoo’s Key Service ‘Yahoo Directory’ Finally Drops the Curtain

Yahoo Directory ClosedThe key service of Yahoo, i.e. ‘Yahoo Directory’ at last drops the curtain, 20 years after it commenced in 1994. If users try to access it at its long-standing URL of, they will be taken to a new URL, with the home page showing a ‘Yahoo Small Business’ logo.

The new web page still bears the look and feel of the old page, though the listings are not essentially related to small business, like linguistics. Trying to review the listings in any of the categories will disappoint you with an error page.

Yahoo may be still busy in eliminating the old site and making it into whatsoever the company has planned. It’s probable that the new directory would be linked to the promotional services which Yahoo Small Business offers.

Though Yahoo announced that the Yahoo Directory would close on 31 December, it actually closed 5 days prior to the specified date. Yahoo did not give Yahoo Directory its deserved farewell when the information about the closing was initially announced.